Meet our Kubos Collection

Last year, we launched our Kubos Collection - a substantial selection of modern, minimalistic fittings. With Kubos, our goal was to create products that were completely absent of clutter, which inspired us to develop a clean, square frame that's present in every item. "With Kubos, we stripped back every unnecessary...

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Introducing Rain by Speakman

The idea behind showering has always been to imitate the natural sensation of a rainstorm. To recreate the experience of being soaked, head-to-toe, by steady, drenching currents. As shower head technology has evolved throughout the years, we've gone away from that. We've designed products that deliver water in all shapes...

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Be Minimal with Kubos

At Speakman, we’ve always had an obsession with simplicity. With creating fixtures that are clean and precise, but also bold and striking. With Kubos, our mission was to create a collection that would perfectly represent this passion. Each fixture in the Kubos Collection features a pure, square frame accentuated by...

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Meet our Versatile ADA Shower System

Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act is not only an ethical responsibility, it's also a legal requirement for public and commercial facilities. That being said, selecting the right ADA fixtures can be somewhat confusing. Plus, there's no one-size-fits-all solution, it truly depends on the variables of your facility. And...

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Choosing the Perfect Finish

Since day one, we’ve had an overwhelming desire to design bathroom products that deliver the greatest experience imaginable. Some might call us obsessed, but we love the idea of creating fixtures that surprise and delight. To achieve that, we engineer from the inside out, focusing on every internal component. From...

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Installation Spotlight: Carlsbad Seapointe Resort

Overlooking the pristine Pacific coastline, the Carlsbad Seapointe Resort provides travelers with an experience that can only be described as quintessential California. Featuring spacious one and two bedroom condos, the Seapointe creates an atmosphere that is relaxing, peaceful and undeniably charming. About a year ago, we were lucky enough to...

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