Destination Monday: St. Petersburg, Florida

Once considered a quiet retirement community, St. Petersburg FL has evolved into the most happening locale in Florida this side of South Beach, Miami.  With accolades including #1 Best City for Millennial Job Seekers (NerdWallet, 2015), inclusion as one of the "Most Outstanding Places" (Forbes Travel Guide, 2014), Top 52 Places to Visit (New York Times, 2014), and "5 Best Summer Travel Destinations" (Travel + Lesiure, 2016), it's clear that the city has undergone a true renaissance.  Plus it's surrounded by the gorgeous waters of Tampa Bay and the white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico - only enhancing this thriving scene.


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Ready. Set. Drink!


This past Sunday, September 25th, we had an absolute blast as the lead sponsor of this year’s Dogfish Dash.

Each year, folks from all over the region travel to Milton, Delaware to participate in Dogfish Head Brewery’s annual 8k race. But the Dogfish Dash is not your ordinary run. It’s a celebration of nature. An ode to conservation. Every year, Dogfish focuses on a different environmental topic to help raise awareness for.

And this year’s theme was water, making us the perfect sponsor for this year’s Dash.

Water is our greatest natural resource, and our global supply is running out. Experts predict that by 2025, two out of every three people will live in water stressed conditions we don’t change our current consumption patterns.

Which is why we’ve made it our mission to make every shower count. Our goal is to conserve a billion gallons of water in 2016 by inspiring people to switch to water-saving fixtures like the Speakman Reaction Shower Head.


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Destination Monday: Miami, Florida

Miami is truly unique in the sense that out of every destination in America, there truly is something for everyone. I know that statement is thrown around so much that it becomes incredibly cliché, but South Beach has it all.

There’s the frozen margarita, electric neon Miami. There’s the vintage, Art Deco Miami. There’s even the fine dining, luxury resort Miami. It’s whatever you need it to be at any time of year. And for that reason, I’m completely obsessed with this city.


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Destination Monday: Lewes, Delaware

Since 1869, we’ve called Delaware our home. And we’re so profoundly proud of our roots. Like Delaware, we at Speakman have remained small by design to focus on what we do best – delivering an incredible experience.

Despite our modest stature, the state of Delaware has a ton of locations to explore. And for us, Lewes, Delaware easily sits atop that list. We obsess over Lewes so much, we’ve even named a bathroom collection after it. You can check it out here.

Historic, beautiful and serene – Lewes is a must-visit destination that proudly claims to be “The First Town in The First State.” Plus, Lewes is completely walkable. Within a half-square mile, you’ll find museums, restaurants, fine shops and excellent places to stay.


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Destination Monday: New Orleans

New Orleans is often considered by many to be a party town. And don’t get me wrong, there is no shortage of partying in the city. But New Orleans offers so much more than signature cocktails and boisterous crowds. NOLA is a unique Southern town that’s rich in culture and history with a large focus on family and friends.

I grew up in New Orleans and my family still lives in and around the area. I can tell you first hand that family and friends are the core of what makes this city so special. Folks in New Orleans will do just about anything to help out their neighbors. And that type of comradery creates a unique bond that is almost impossible to describe.


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Destination Monday: Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will forever be known as inventing democracy and the gooey, delicious entity known as the cheesesteak. But in recent years, Philly has seen a cultural and culinary resurgence that’s transformed the city into a hip, vibrant landscape.

From diverse museums to indie B.Y.O.B.s – the City of Brotherly Love is a spectacular destination that is begging to be explored.


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For the Love of Water

Water is our greatest natural resource. Every ecosystem on our planet relies on it for survival. And right now, our global water supply is dwindling. Simply put, the world water crisis is real and it’s pretty darn scary. By 2025, the World Meteorological Organization predicts that 2 out of every 3 people will live in water-stressed conditions if we don’t change our current consumption patterns.

It’s pretty difficult to imagine our lives without water. But each and every day, people all over the globe struggle to collect fresh water. In fact, 780 million people live without access to clean water. And according to Ars Technica, by 2050, the demand for water is projected to grow by 55%.

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Destination Monday: San Francisco

Since the ‘60s, San Francisco has seemingly become the cultural heartbeat of our country that constantly finds ways to reinvent itself. From its activist counterculture to the literal headquarters of the digital world, San Francisco has a mythical lore that’s nearly impossible to describe.

The first time I visited San Fran was sort of by accident as I had a daylong layover on my way to New Zealand visiting my husband’s family. But all it took was one day for me to completely fall in love with this city. Since then, we’ve made it a point to return and visit whenever possible.

The Laurel Inn The Laurel Inn

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