The Heritage Bathroom

The Heritage Bathroom

A history of quality and performance, retold. Wilmington-based Designers Nancy Conclin and Ellen Cheever partnered to create a bathroom that reflects the home of Speakman. Focusing on the heroic Signature Brass Retro Shower Head, alongside more understated fixtures, the Heritage Bathroom honors our craft. Stately, elegant and timeless.

Signature Shine

The Speakman Brass Collection

There’s nothing as classic, as effortlessly stylish and durable, as brass. It’s what we used to craft the very first Speakman shower head and the material we’ve worked with ever since. The Speakman Brass Collection is our pinnacle expression, a symbol of our dedication to uncompromising quality.

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    Speakman Retro S-2254 Multi-Function Shower Head

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    Speakman Neo Shower Arm and Flange

    $59.00 $59.00
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    Speakman Rain Shower Head

    $333.00 $219.00
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    Speakman Neo Slide Bar

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    Speakman Neo Towel Bar

    $66.00 $49.00
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    Speakman Neo Shower Valve and Trim

    $388.00 $388.00

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Meet Ellen Cheever as she designs with the Heritage Bathroom.

"It’s all about quality, and quality in the end is defined by performance."

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