The Reaction Bathroom

The Reaction Bathroom

Perfect Geometry. Inspired by complimentary lines, Designer Sean Breault creates a look that leads the eye to a place of comfort. Polished chrome finishes accentuate environmental light, punctuating the energy of the Speakman Reaction Shower Head and its powerful streams.

Pulse of Performance

The Speakman Reaction Collection

Featuring internal, turbine-powered engines, the Speakman Reaction Collection harnesses industry-leading technology to deliver powerful, pulsating streams—even with low water pressure. Our newest innovation in a legacy of unparalleled performance.

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    Speakman Reaction Shower Head

    $67.00 $24.95
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    Speakman Rainier S-2550 Shower Arm and Flange

    $59.00 $59.00
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    Speakman Rainier SA-1307 Towel Bar

    $90.00 $90.00
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    Speakman Rainier SA-1306 Robe Hook

    $40.00 $40.00
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    Speakman Rainier SA-1305 Paper Holder

    $75.00 $75.00
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    Speakman Rainier SA-1304 Towel Ring

    $63.00 $63.00

Meet Sean Breault as he designs with the Speakman Reaction Bathroom.

"In the theater world, there’s a lot of outside the box kind of thinking. It’s pretty fantastic. Things don’t have to make sense."

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