The Retro Bathroom

The Retro Bathroom

Beauty in the balance. A distinctive curation by Designer Patricia Herson, inspired by the feeling of a Signature Brass Retro Shower Head. Sleek, strong lines are complimented by soft curves to create a striking geometric aesthetic that draws the best from both worlds.

Signature Shine

The Speakman Brass Collection

There’s nothing as classic, as effortlessly stylish and durable, as brass. It’s what we used to craft the very first Speakman shower head and the material we’ve worked with ever since. The Speakman Brass Collection is our pinnacle expression, a symbol of our dedication to uncompromising quality.

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    Speakman Rainier S-2550 Shower Arm and Flange

    $59.00 $59.00
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    Speakman Transer Valve

    $169.00 $169.00
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    Speakman Caspian Paper Holder

    $39.00 $29.00
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    Speakman Caspian Towel Bar

    $46.00 $39.00
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    Speakman Caspian Shower and Tub Combination

    $620.00 $620.00

Meet Interior Designer Patricia Herson.

"I was having this fabulous shower. And it was so distinctive, so different, that I had to stop and see what kind of shower head it was. It said 'Speakman.'"

Meet the Designer