Shower Valves

Shower Valves

Every Speakman commercial shower valve has been engineered to not only regulate water temperature, but also balance pressure to deliver an uninterrupted shower experience.

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8 Items

  • Speakman Sentinel CPV-P-DV Pressure Balance Diverter Shower Valve

  • Speakman Thermostatic Pressure Balance Shower Valve Trim

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    Out of stock

  • Speakman Rainier Shower Valve

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  • Speakman Transfer Valve

  • Speakman Echo SM-12000 Shower Valve & Trim

  • Speakman Sentinel Mark II & Echo Pressure Balance Valve

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  • Speakman Sentinel Mark II Pressure Balance Valve with Lever Handle

  • Speakman SentinelPro Thermostatic/Pressure Balance Valves

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8 Items


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