For the Love of Water

Water is our greatest natural resource. Every ecosystem on our planet relies on it for survival. And right now, our global water supply is dwindling. Simply put, the world water crisis is real and it’s pretty darn scary. By 2025, the World Meteorological Organization predicts that 2 out of every 3 people will live in water-stressed conditions if we don’t change our current consumption patterns.

It’s pretty difficult to imagine our lives without water. But each and every day, people all over the globe struggle to collect fresh water. In fact, 780 million people live without access to clean water. And according to Ars Technica, by 2050, the demand for water is projected to grow by 55%.

But change is hard. Our entire lives, water has been readily available to us. In fact, water has become a vital part of our daily routines, from showering to brushing our teeth. And according to the EPA, 17% of indoor water use occurs in the shower.

So we asked ourselves: what can we do to help? How can a modest plumbing company from Wilmington, Delaware make an impact on the world water crisis?

We began by identifying why people are reluctant to change, and it really begins with the assumption of water-saving fixtures. Low flow shower heads have been considered as inferior for delivering a weaker performance when compared to their water-guzzling peers.

And for good reason too. For years, the common practice was to simply reduce the flow of their existing products. The result was a fixture that met WaterSense standards but delivered a weaker performance.

speakman reaction Speakman Reaction Shower Head

But we thought we could do better. We thought that in order to inspire real change, a low flow shower head needed to deliver the exact same experience our customers’ were accustomed to. So we challenged our engineers to think differently about creating water-saving products. Starting entirely from scratch, our team developed entirely new technology that saves water without sacrificing an ounce of performance.

Our Speakman Reaction Shower Head features a turbine-powered spray engine that infuses energy and velocity into each and every spray. The result is an intense performance that outperforms competitor models in both force and thermal retention. You can explore the Speakman Reaction Shower Head here.

With the Echo Low Flow Shower Head, we created an entirely new spray face that utilizes unique spray settings never before seen on a Speakman Shower Head. It’s clean, circular frame is perfect for concentrating water pressure, ensuring a shockingly powerful performance that saves water at the exact same time. You can explore the Echo Shower Head here.

Echo Shower Head Echo Shower Head

So our mission is simple. We want to conserve a billion gallons of water by inspiring you to upgrade your existing shower head with one of our powerful, low flow options. Both the Speakman Reaction and Echo Shower Head are proven to save 20% less water without sacrificing an ounce of performance.

Learn how you can join us on this journey to conserve a billion gallons of water here.


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