Speakman Echo SM-12000 Shower Valve & Trim

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    Speakman Echo SM-12000 Shower Valve & Trim

    Simple. Refined. Perfect. The Speakman Echo SM-12000 Shower Valve & Trim is a sleek, transitionally designed fixture that features a clean, slim plate that will sit flawlessly on your shower wall. The included shower valve is a testament to engineering. Featuring a pressure balance mechanism, this valve is designed to prevent spikes in water pressure – resulting in a consistent shower experience from start to finish. The Echo is ADA Certified and includes all necessary installation hardware.
    • Pressure balance valve
    • Adjustable temperature limit stop
    • Metal trim handle
    • Metal trim plate
    • Meets ASSE 1016 & ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1
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