Speakman Alexandria VS-3311-E2 Hand Shower with Slide Bar

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    Speakman Alexandria VS-3311-E2 Hand Shower with Slide Bar

    With classic Speakman luxury, the Alexandria 2.0 GPM Low Flow Handshower with Slide Bar features traditional design with function. This shower system continues Speakman’s legacy of luxury hotel showers by featuring a water efficient shower head with a low flow rate of 2 gallons per minute and coordinating Alexandria slide bar. Speakman’s engineering standards utilize eight patents per shower engine. Our patented plunger system exerts water with more energy, resulting in strong, invigorating sprays while featuring an eco friendly low flow rate. Speakman’s Anystream 360˚ technology within each showerhead allows an easy transition through 360 degrees of full-flood coverage, central pulsating massage, or a combination of both sprays. The coordinating slide bar with showerhead seat attachment enables the Handshower to be adjusted up or down. With a sturdy metal hose, the Handshower connects easily to a shower arm and wall mounted bracket. Pair this eco friendly shower system with any of Speakman’s Alexandria bathroom sink faucets and fixture accessories sets for a timeless, traditional look.
    • Features patented Anystream technology
    • 50 full coverage sprays
    • 12 center massage jets
    • 2.0 GPM flow rate
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