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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my personalized net price?

Login to Use the product search to type in the product's item number. If you do not have the item number, you can also find a product by clicking on the product category and locating the item on the product list. Once you find your item in the Products Found list, click on either the item image or the product number. Your net price will appear beneath the list price on the product page.

What are Speakman's payment terms?

Payment terms are net cash 30 days. 1% cash discount for payment if received within 10 days of invoice date (1% 10 Days/Net 30 Days).

What happens if my order has a price discrepancy?

Orders with price discrepancies will be held for up to seven days. If we have not received a revision within this time, Speakman reserves the right to cancel the order without further notice. Your order must be resubmitted and will only be entered if the price revision approval is on the order.