A History in Hotels

A vacation is a break from normalcy. A departure from routine. An escape. And from our very first hotel installment in 1898 to the countless resorts we partner with today—we’ve beautifully designed and engineered our fixtures to deliver guests an experience they’ll never forget. It’s time for a getaway.

partnerships1 The Marker Hotel, Key West, Florida

The Hotel Shower Head

Our signature line of Hotel Shower Heads can be found in luxury resorts around the globe. We expertly engineered each fixture to deliver water perfectly. Whether they’re installed on the 1st floor or the 30th – our Hotel Shower Heads will not merely function, but perform the way you expect them to.


A Dedication to Sustainability

We design with the environment in mind. We are not satisfied by creating products that simply comply with standards. We are satisfied only when they exceed them. Each day, our engineers explore new ways to design and develop eco-friendly fixtures. Every water-conserving shower head we craft is meticulously tested to not only save water, but deliver it as it is intended to be experienced.

Designing a Vacation

As a partner, we will collaborate with designers, engineers and contractors to select the perfect assortment of fixtures to create a cohesive environment. Our fixtures are specifically designed with hotel guests in mind, and constructed of exceptionally durable, corrosion-resistant materials to provide endless operation with ease. We welcome you to explore our collection of hospitality fixtures here.


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