Coming Soon: Vector by Roger Thomas

Since 1869, we've made it our mission to design products that marry form and function together. Products that not only look beautiful, but perform beautifully for an exceptional amount of time. When we collaborate with other artisans, we search for designers who share in this philosophy. Our new Vector Collection...

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Meet the Rio Handheld Shower Head

When we began designing the Rio Hand Shower, our primary goal was to develop a fixture that anyone could enjoy. But the shower is such a unique experience because everyone enjoys it differently. It's nearly impossible to create one spray that will be universally beloved. With Rio, we created five...

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The Perfect Solution for Janitorial Closets

Every janitorial closet features harsh cleaning agents and chemicals that could cause damage to the eyes. Which means an eyewash must be installed within proximity to the closet to ensure ANSI compliance. Featuring the ability to install directly into most janitorial closets - our Eyesaver Eyewash and Service Sink Combination...

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Meet Our Echo Water-Saving Shower Head

Equipped with three distinct spray settings and a revolutionary, impeller-powered engine, our Echo Shower Head was designed to save water without sacrificing an ounce of performance. Exclusively Water-Saving When we began designing Echo, our goal was to design a truly satisfying water-saving shower head. When we looked at existing low...

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Explore our Signature Brass Collection

For close to 150-years, our Signature Brass Shower Heads have been the staple of our assortment. Technologically unchanged for nearly a century and a half, these fixtures have been engineered to deliver an exceptional shower experience. Unrivaled Quality The moment you hold a Signature Brass Shower Head in your hands...

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Speakman Shower Wands Are Here

We've always been in love with the idea of creating the complete shower experience. To us, that means designing products that deliver an escape, products that provide a break from routine. And so we're continually considering new product ideas to help us achieve this goal. That's why we're so excited...

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Explore our Bathroom Collections

Designing a room is all about creating an experience. It's an attention to detail - selecting fixtures, fittings, accessories, and patterns that perfectly work together. It's as much a science as it is an art form. At Speakman, we've always appreciated the power of harmonious design. Which is why we've...

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