Introducing the new SentinelPro Shower Valve

In hotels and other large commercial establishments, spikes in water pressure are common. With so many people using a complex plumbing system at once - it's incredibly easy for the water temperature to bump in either direction.

But here's the thing - those spikes in water temperature can be surprisingly hazardous. Freezing cold water can cause thermal shock whereas scalding hot water results in painful burns. That's why it's so incredibly important to install reliable shower valves that protect against spontaneous spikes in pressure.

Meet the SentinelPro Thermostatic Pressure Balance Valve. Easily our most advanced shower valve to date, this fixture perfectly regulates water temperature to deliver a complete and uninterrupted shower experience.

It's What's on the Inside

With our SentinelPro Shower Valve, we combined thermostatic and pressure balance technology together to create a fixture that would totally protect users from spikes in water pressure. Additionally, we added a temperature limit stop which allows you to set a maximum water temperature level, ensuring water will never rise above your preference.

Trust Behind the Wall

The SentinelPro Shower Valve is constructed entirely of brass to provide unrivaled durability. So when you're considering a shower remodel, you can trust this fixture will last for many years to come.

Low Flow? No Problem!

This shower valve is ASSE 1016 Certified to perform at flow rates as low as 1.5 GPM. Meaning this shower valve is ideal for any low flow shower head.


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