Introducing Rain by Speakman

The idea behind showering has always been to imitate the natural sensation of a rainstorm. To recreate the experience of being soaked, head-to-toe, by steady, drenching currents.

As shower head technology has evolved throughout the years, we've gone away from that. We've designed products that deliver water in all shapes and sizes. We've developed fixtures that create unique spray patterns, from massage to gentle, and everything in between. Which by no means is a bad thing.

But there's always been this unexplainable fascination with rain. This universal appeal of bringing the rainstorm inside your bathroom.

With our new Rain Shower Heads, our mission was to create a fixture that delivered the natural, organic phenomenon of rain. And with over 100 thin, perfectly placed sprays, we believe we've accomplished that goal.

Purposely Simplistic

When our engineers began designing these products, they thoroughly studied rain. They focused on the feeling of rain crashing against your skin. They considered different spray sizes, from thick to needle thin. They even tinkered with different water velocity and jet placement.

Ultimately, we settled on a single-spray pattern with over 100 individual outlets that deliver a constant and consistent stream. Each spray was meticulously placed to provide a full-coverage, immersive experience.

Predict the Weather

Our new Rain Shower Heads have been constructed entirely of durable, solid brass. Plus, our finishes have been tested to resist corrosion and withstand the demands of everyday life.

So regardless of what's going on with the weather outside, this fixture was built to last, ensuring your morning monsoon will never be interrupted.

The Art of Rain.

Our Rain Showers come in two unique designs, the Neo Round and the Kubos Square. Each fitting was individually crafted to create a distinct look and feel for the bathroom. The Neo Rain Shower, featuring a familiar, yet surprisingly bold circular frame, is ideal for both modern and traditional bathroom likes. Our Kubos Rain Shower, with a clean, square design, fits perfectly in any modern or minimalistic setting.

The Perfect Storm

To make the most of your rain experience, we designed shower heads that perfectly enhance the rain performance. Featuring both ceiling and wall mounted Rain Shower Arms, these fittings beautifully funnel water into the fixture, resulting in a more robust, optimized performance.

To learn more about our Neo Rain Shower Head, click here. To discover our Kubos Rain Shower Head, click here.


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