In May of 2016, we made a pretty dramatic change to our entire emergency catalog. Following a few years of research, development, and testing – we upgraded every combination station to feature our new Lifesaver Emergency Shower Head.

With the Lifesaver Shower Head, our mission was to create a fixture that delivered a powerful, yet soothing spray experience while still performing within the parameters of required codes and standards.

But this was no easy feat. Our team of engineers began experimenting with different spray engines. We studied equipment that was currently on the market. We even explored unique construction methods.

In the end, we landed on a product design that really excites us. The Lifesaver Shower Head delivers a spray that is even, steady and comfortable, while also performing above and beyond our expectations. We were able to add in subtle features like a self-draining system which ensures the water will never collect and freeze, causing the fixture to malfunction.

But to understand the benefits of the Lifesaver Shower Head, we sat down with C.P. Donovan, Project Engineer for this fixture, to pick his brain why we made the decision to redesign this fixture, and what makes it truly unique.

Question: Previous generations of Speakman Emergency Shower Heads featured an impeller action engine. Why was the decision made to change the spray engine?

C.P. Donovan: In 2014, ANSI changed their shower requirements to disperse water at 20 gallons per minute. At the time, our older models were designed to perform at 30 gallons per minute.

When we modified our existing shower heads to perform from 30 GPM to 20 GPM – we weren’t super excited about the way they performed. They simply weren’t meeting our standards.

So we challenged ourselves to create a new engine that would deliver powerful, consistent spray while still performing at 20 GPM. And I think we did just that.


Q: What’s the difference between the spray performance featured on the Lifesaver and those featured on previous models?

C.P.: With our older models, we created a sort of silo effect, where the spray was a bit uneven, but still enveloping to the user. With Lifesaver, the spray is truly concentrated, resulting in an experience that is intuitive and ultimately superior when your life is on the line.


Q: Our emergency shower heads are typically connected to our signature DuraJade powder-coated steel pipe, what benefit does that provide?

C.P.: Our DuraJade coating is incredibly resistant to corrosion. The added coat offers far more protection than a galvanized pipe or water-based paints. Plus, aesthetically, we think it looks pretty sharp in your facility.


Q: What makes the Lifesaver Shower Head paired with our Optimus Emergency Station such a unique combination?

C.P.: Well I think you get the total safety solution. With Optimus, we united an eyewash and facewash into one cohesive fixture. We designed the piping to be easily configurable, meaning it’s incredibly simple to convert the unit to meet ADA specifications. By doing this, we decreased the overall SKU offerings from 30 to about 7, which simplifies the selection process and makes it easier on our distributors to stock.

Q: Why does it matter that we design our emergency combinations to be compliant with ANSI and OSHA standards?

C.P.: ANSI and OSHA compliance standards influence every decision we make when we begin developing products. Our goal, first and foremost, is to engineer trusted, reliable equipment that will make your facility compliant and safer, period.


The Lifesaver Emergency Shower Head is now featured on every Speakman Emergency Shower Combination. To learn more about the Lifesaver Emergency Shower Head, click here.

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