For close to 150-years, our Signature Brass Shower Heads have been the staple of our assortment. Technologically unchanged for nearly a century and a half, these fixtures have been engineered to deliver an exceptional shower experience.

Unrivaled Quality

The moment you hold a Signature Brass Shower Head in your hands, you can immediately recognize the difference. Constructed entirely of durable, solid brass – these fixtures have been crafted to last. Plus, each fixture has been coated with a stunning, corrosion-resistant finish to ensure they age flawlessly over time.

The Definition of Showering

While our Signature Brass Shower Heads look beautiful, they’ve been engineered to perform beautifully. Equipped with our patented plunger system that enhances water pressure and velocity, these shower heads will deliver a surprisingly intense experience. Plus, by rotating their handles in either direction, you can transition through unique and diverse spray patterns suited to your preferences.

Timeless Designs

Our Signature Brass Shower Heads have been designed to be universally beloved. Featuring a mix of both traditional and modern options, there’s a Signature Brass Shower Head to match any bathroom’s style or decor.

Going Green!

For the first time since their introduction, our Signature Brass Shower Heads will not be available in 2.0 and 1.75 GPM flow rates. But with these products, we completely re-engineered internal components to ensure these fixtures would save water without sacrificing an ounce of performance.

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