Freeze Protected Emergency Equipment Solutions

Winter weather undoubtedly brings new challenges to outdoor job sites. Cold and freezing conditions often require new levels of performance for emergency shower and eyewash equipment, especially for outdoor sites exposed to the elements. At Speakman, we offer a number of solutions to keep crews safe in freezing work environments.


Lifesaver SE-7000

Our Freeze Protected Combination Station includes electric heat tracing with insulation and a plastic shell to keep the emergency eyewash and shower equipment from freezing on job sites experiencing temperatures as low as 50°F below zero. A standard Freeze Protection Valve protects this equipment if electricity is lost. The SE-7000 meets Class 1, Division 2 electrical requirements and is the only complete FM Certified emergency shower & eyewash station.

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GravityFlo SE-4330

The Gravityflo Heated Portable Eyewash is UL certified and requires a 120V power source. With the 20-gallon tank, this model is one of the highest capacity portables. The unit’s insulated, electrically freeze-protected jacket delivers tepid water on job sites experiencing temperatures as low as -10°F for 15 continuous minutes. If you currently own the previous model (SE-4300), the Heated Portable Jacket (SE-4930) is available for retrofitting.

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Freeze Protection Valve

Our Freeze Protection Valves sense unsafe changes in water temperature and operate automatically to protect the showers and eyewashes. On job sites where water temperatures fall below 40°F, Speakman’s Freeze Protection Valves automatically activate and create water flow, which prevents the equipment from freezing. The valves do not require electricity nor do they need an operator. The Freeze Protection Valves keep showers and eyewashes functioning in freezing conditions.

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