A Legacy Of Performance Engineering

At Speakman, we exist not merely to function but to perform. We believe things can always be made better which is why, for nearly a century and a half, the beautiful minds of our engineers have applied ingenuity, their hands and an honest day’s work. The result is the most precision-engineered shower you’ll ever have the pleasure of experiencing.

The Engineer's Desk

Explore the tools of our trade, both timeless and innovative, as found on the Lead Engineer’s desk in Wilmington, Delaware.

An antique Williams, Brown & Earle microscope once used to ensure the grain quality in brass, back when the company manufactured its own brass castings for shower heads.

The 1940s Speakman Anystream® Shower Head was constructed of solid brass and nearly un- changed from its 1927 predecessor, save its slightly smaller and more streamlined silhouette. Those desiring this innovative bathing experience were encouraged to contact their plumber or “write Speakman direct.”

When introduced in 1927, the solid brass Speakman Anystream® Shower Head revolutionized bathing by offering people the ability to wash in running water (as opposed to a tub). Original ads proclaim it “pure luxury” from an adjustable, self-cleaning shower head that “screws on in a jiffy!”

Gone are the days of the toilet-flush-turned-ice- cold-shower—thanks to this Pressure Balance Valve. Designed in the 1940s as a safety feature, it regulates water temperature within three degrees with 50% pressure loss to ensure your shower remains just as you like it.

A rapid prototype of a Speakman shower head. In addition to reducing development time from weeks to days, it also allows engineers to continually iterate, testing multiple styles at a time, to find the best performing models.

Speakman’s patented faceplate and plunger system features grooved spray channels that enable water to tumble from the shower head in multi-directional streams customized to desired feel.

A Speakman shower head contains anywhere from five to twelve patented plungers. To ensure the proper placement of each, Speakman created this component as part of the One-Step Assembly Fixture. Invented in the 1920s, it was reincorporated into production in the late ’90s.

Measuring to an accuracy of ±0.0001 of an inch, Depth Gauges have been a staple in the engineering process since the 1930s when every Speakman machine operator had his own set of gauges, calibers and drawings. A testament to craft and quality.

A digital rendering of the Reaction Shower Head illustrates the spray dispersion pattern of water as it leaves the fixture. By following their paths, engineers can ensure streams never intersect, resulting in the fullest coverage and most true-to- design experience.

To date, Speakman has acquired over 100 patents, spanning design and utility, U.S. and foreign inventions. And because patents only last for 20 years, the beautiful minds of Speakman engineers are continually innovating on their original ideas.


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