Choosing the right Speakman Faucet

Faucets can often serve as the centerpiece of your entire bathroom. They're easily the most touched and handled item in the entire room, and your eyes are usually drawn to them. That's why when choosing your next faucet - it's super important to understand all the options at your disposal.


Before choosing a faucet, it's super important first to identify what type of sink you have. Your sink will determine what options you have in the faucet department.


Widespread sinks have three individual holes, one for the spot and two for the handle. Widespread Faucets are designed exclusively for these types of sink and can range from 6 to 16 inches wide.


Like widespread, centerset sinks also have three holes, except they are much closer together. Centerset faucets are typically 4-6 inches wide and feature both single and double handle configurations.


Single-hole sinks are pretty self-explanatory as there is just one, singular hole drilled into the basin. Single lever and vessel faucets are ideal for this configuration, However, most single lever faucets come with a deck mount that can cover up additional holes on centerset sinks.


Bathroom faucets come in an array of different finishes. Finishes can create a mood within your bathroom. So when selecting, it's not only important to consider the type of environment you're hoping to develop, but also coordinate it with your existing fixtures.

Check out our available finishes here.


Like finishes, handles also carry a distinct look and vibe. It's vital to pick a handle that seamlessly complements your bathroom's design.

Cross Handles

Typically found on more rustic, industrially designed faucets - cross handles deliver a vintage aesthetic.

Lever Handles

Generally more modern in nature, lever handles are clean and minimalistic to create a more refined look.

Knob Handles

A bit more antiquated over the years, knob handles can be found on traditionally designed faucets.

Push Handles

Push handles are typically found in more commercial settings as to activate, you simply push down on the faucet handle.

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