For The Love Of Water

#MorningsMatter with Mark Carter

On September 24th, we’ll be heading down to Milton, Delaware as the lead sponsor for this year’s Dogfish Dash. The Dash, thrown together by our friends at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, is an annual 8k race benefitting The Nature Conservancy, Delaware Chapter. Needless to say, we are pretty darn excited...

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For the Love of Water, We Saved a Billion Gallons of Water

The world water crisis is real, and quite frankly, it’s pretty darn scary. According to the United Nations, by 2025, 1.8 billion people will live in water stressed conditions. And by 2050, five times as much land is likely to be under “extreme drought” if we don’t change our consumption patterns.

As a purveyor of shower heads, we directly contribute to necessary water consumption in the home. In fact, according to the EPA, 17% of residential water use comes from the shower. And we thought we could do better. We believed we could play a part in reducing water use.

So about a year ago, we set out on a mission to save a billion gallons of water. Our mission was pretty simple, we wanted to inspire people to switch out their existing shower head with a water saving one.

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For the Love of Water

Water is our greatest natural resource. Every ecosystem on our planet relies on it for survival. And right now, our global water supply is dwindling. Simply put, the world water crisis is real and it’s pretty darn scary. By 2025, the World Meteorological Organization predicts that 2 out of every 3 people will live in water-stressed conditions if we don’t change our current consumption patterns.

It’s pretty difficult to imagine our lives without water. But each and every day, people all over the globe struggle to collect fresh water. In fact, 780 million people live without access to clean water. And according to Ars Technica, by 2050, the demand for water is projected to grow by 55%.

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We Rocked. We Rolled. And We Showered at Firefly 2016.

We’re kinda tired, a tad hungover, we’ve lost our voice and we may have danced a bit too awkwardly for our own good – but one thing is for sure, we had an absolute blast at this year’s Firefly Music Festival. Firefly 2016 marked our first time sponsoring the event. And we could not be prouder.

MFNW_BGBut here’s the thing, we didn’t want to just show up, set up a booth, print our name on a sign and call it a day. We wanted to make a positive impact on the festival. We wanted to deliver an awesome experience to those in attendance. So we donated over 400 of our Speakman Reaction Shower Heads to Firefly.


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How important is going green in the shower?

The need to conserve water is important for two reasons: first, drought conditions exist in many areas of the US and the world; second, the amount of energy required to process water into potable water is surprisingly large.

The amount of potable water used in the US is staggering.  Take showering, for example:

Showering is one of the leading ways we use water in the home, accounting for nearly 17% of residential indoor water use—for the average family, that adds up to nearly 40 gallons per day. That's nearly 1.2 trillion gallons of water used in the United States annually just for showering, or enough to supply the water needs of New York and New Jersey for a year!” (EPA Watersense 2016)

speakman reaction

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Conservation Renovation: Volume 1

Hi! I’m Amy, a Product Manager at Speakman, I’ve spend the majority of my professional career with Speakman (8 years) and consider myself one lucky duck.  Why you ask?  Well it all started one day when I had to tell my boss I was moving, nope not down the street, or across the state line. Nope, Uncle Sam says we are moving from Delaware to San Diego, California. Here comes the lucky part: rather than getting a so long, farewell, goodbye, Speakman kept me.

So we move from the land of four seasons--plenty of rain, snow & sun--to the land of sunshine every day, no snow, and oh by the way, record breaking drought conditions.  So here is where I admit some facts. As a Northeasterner for my entire life (my husband as well) I have never had to be water conscious; even as a Speakman employee I didn’t have low-flow showerheads installed in my house.. The truth is in the Northeast United States, water is hardly ever in short supply and quite frankly water is not expensive.  On average each month our water bill for our home in Delaware was $35, for two adults, an infant and two insane cats.  The value of water didn’t enter our everyday thinking. If I forgot to turn the faucet off while I brushed my teeth, no big deal.


But now here we are in San Diego, and again I admit while I touch the water conservation movement every day through work, the gravity of the water shortage here doesn’t take full root in your mind until you spend some time here, see the signs, and talk to people.  I’ll give you a few examples:

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Furnace Creek Inn And Ranch Resort Case Study

A Sustainable Oasis In Death Valley

Furnace Creek Resort, situated in a lush oasis surrounded by the vast and arid desert of Death Valley National Park, California, hosts two hotels – the historic, 4-diamond, 66-room Inn at Furnace Creek and the more family oriented 224-room Ranch at Furnace Creek. With a commitment to legendary hospitality with a softer footprint, Furnace Creek operates with sustainability at the heart of its business.


Down and Drought

Death Valley averages less than two inches of rainfall each year. Yet even here, in the hottest, driest and lowest spot in North America, is a thriving desert oasis with areas of wetland habitat – the Furnace Creek Resort. In a place as wild and remote as Death Valley, water, though abundant at Furnace Creek due to the natural springs located nearby, is still a scarce and precious resource both on site and throughout the State of California. The last three years have been the driest years in California history and the end is nowhere in sight.

The Challenge: How do you deliver a superb guest experience while saving in water in one of the harshest environments in the country?


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7 Easy Ways To Save Water

Water. It’s pretty darn important. In fact, we’ll bet it's the first thing you encountered this morning (after you hit the snooze button 8 or 17 times). Whether it be taking a shower, brushing your teeth or simply wetting the whistle, chances are you used water.

Can you honestly imagine what your life would be like without it? It seems like a pretty ridiculous notion depending on where you live, but many people across the globe experience the effects of water scarcity. And this crisis is only getting worse. The World Meteorological Organization predicts that if there is no change to current consumption patterns, two out of three people will live in water-stressed conditions by 2025.

We know what you’re thinking – what can I possibly do to reverse what’s happening in the world? And the answer, quite frankly, is a lot. Because the earth has plenty of water, we just need to begin using it responsibly. We’re not asking you to live on a backwoods commune and shower once a week in between interpretive dance sessions.

But we have developed a few simple tricks that can help you cut down on your water consumption.

1. Fix A Leak

Small household leaks can add up to gallons of water lost every day. That's why WaterSense reminds Americans to check their plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems each year in March during Fix a Leak Week.

Check out this article by Popular Mechanics on how you can fix a leaky faucet in 5 easy steps here.


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