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Guest Bartending for a Cause

On October 19th, Speakman CEO Bob Knoll and CFO Bryan Schlack will be guest bartending at the Logan House to help raise funds for the Nemours’ Prom. This marks the second year in a row that Bob and Bryan will attend the event and donate all of their tips to...

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Gearing Up for the Dogfish Dash!

It’s Dash week! Which means that this weekend, we’ll be traveling down to Milton, Delaware to sponsor this year’s Dogfish Dash, an 8k race that benefits mother nature. Needless to say, we’re pretty darn excited to attend this spectacular event. Now if you’re participating in the dash, just partaking in...

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August is National Water Quality Month

Water, without a shadow of a doubt, is our greatest natural resource. Every ecosystem on our planet depends on it for survival. But we are currently facing a global water shortage. According to The Water Project, nearly 1 billion people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water. And in these...

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For the Love of Water, We Saved a Billion Gallons of Water

The world water crisis is real, and quite frankly, it’s pretty darn scary. According to the United Nations, by 2025, 1.8 billion people will live in water stressed conditions. And by 2050, five times as much land is likely to be under “extreme drought” if we don’t change our consumption patterns.

As a purveyor of shower heads, we directly contribute to necessary water consumption in the home. In fact, according to the EPA, 17% of residential water use comes from the shower. And we thought we could do better. We believed we could play a part in reducing water use.

So about a year ago, we set out on a mission to save a billion gallons of water. Our mission was pretty simple, we wanted to inspire people to switch out their existing shower head with a water saving one.

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Ready. Set. Drink!


This past Sunday, September 25th, we had an absolute blast as the lead sponsor of this year’s Dogfish Dash.

Each year, folks from all over the region travel to Milton, Delaware to participate in Dogfish Head Brewery’s annual 8k race. But the Dogfish Dash is not your ordinary run. It’s a celebration of nature. An ode to conservation. Every year, Dogfish focuses on a different environmental topic to help raise awareness for.

And this year’s theme was water, making us the perfect sponsor for this year’s Dash.

Water is our greatest natural resource, and our global supply is running out. Experts predict that by 2025, two out of every three people will live in water stressed conditions we don’t change our current consumption patterns.

Which is why we’ve made it our mission to make every shower count. Our goal is to conserve a billion gallons of water in 2016 by inspiring people to switch to water-saving fixtures like the Speakman Reaction Shower Head.


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