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Equipment Designed With Solutions in Mind Since 1939

For close to 80 years, we've made it our mission to engineer innovative, ANSI compliant fixtures that deliver a superior performance when your life is on the line. From spray coverage to precise temperature, our team considers the tiniest details to provide high-performing, product solutions for your workplace. Additionally, we test every item to ensure they meet ANSI standards and OSHA laws.

Optimus Collection
Optimus Swing-Activated
Eyesaver SEF-9000
GravityFlo SE-4400

Your Compliance Partner

Speakman is your trusted partner in ensuring your workplace is compliant. And we understand that staying up to date with national standards can sometimes be confusing. That's why we've created this easy to read ANSI Checklist to help get you started on becoming compliant in regards to emergency showers and eyewashes.


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Equipment For Any Facility

We invite you to explore our most trusted and unique emergency collections. Each family features exclusive components and technology to help make your facility safe and compliant.

optimus: All-In-One Eye & Facewash Suitable For Any Application

The only emergency station to feature a dedicated eyewash and facewash built into one singular design - Optimus delivers complete facial relief in the event of a chemical burn. Plus, with the ability to be wall-mounted, pedestal-mounted, combined with an emergency shower or even configured to fit ADA standards - Optimus is perfect for nearly any application.


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Eyesaver: Eyewash & Faucet Combination Perfect for Laboratories

Designed for laboratories, educational institutions, and commercial establishments - the Eyesaver family features unique installation configurations to meet your specifications. Whether it be a science lab, janitorial closet or even a medical facility - our Eyesaver products are the perfect solutions for worksites in need of high-performing, ANSI compliant equipment.


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gravityflo: Portable Equipment Ideal For Worksites Lacking A Water Source

Regardless if it's a construction site or a refinery - the potential for chemical exposure is real. For facilities that lack a reliable water source, our GravityFlo Portable Eyewashes are the perfect solution. Every GravityFlo unit delivers comfortable, effective sprays without being connected to a plumbing supply for 15-continuous minutes or more. This ensures your facility will meet ANSI standards, regardless of the circumstances.


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Request A Survey

Our complimentary facility survey ensures your worksite is completely up-to-date with ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 and OSHA 1910.151(c). Upon request, we'll send a certified representative to your facility to conduct a comprehensive study using our new survey app. You'll then receive a detailed report that provides recommended solutions to become compliant.


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