Low Flow Shower Reviews

No matter what your style, you can save water without sacrificing performance. Read below for some of our customer's favorite shower heads and find the low flow experience that's right for you.


“My house was built in 1927 and still has the original water pipes. The water pressure isn't always the best but the Speakman S-4002 2.0 showerhead works amazingly well. Excellent water pressure for a low pressure showerhead. Consumer Reports gave this showerhead a great review and they were right.”

- Speakman Enthusiast Michael

“I bought this because my water pressure is low, and I've had trouble with a lot of multi-function shower heads. The first thing I noticed was that for the same mix valve setting the water seemed warmer. This makes sense because the previous shower head made very thin streams of water that cool off noticeably before they reach you. This one gives a satisfying warm stream even if you aren't close to the shower head.”

- Speakman Enthusiast Gabor

“My new house had poor water pressure but this Showerhead solved the problem perfectly! And I was able to install it myself with no trouble. I love it!”

- Speakman Enthusiast Lynn

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“Experienced the Speakman Anystream showerhead at a first-class "Earth Loving Green" resort spa hotel. Ordering, price and Installation was very easy. I can't believe this is a low flow showerhead. I ordered one for all my showers in my house...including one for my mother-in-law for Christmas.”

- Speakman Enthusiast Anon

“First saw this in a hotel, and had to get one. The pressure is great, and I don't notice a difference since this is a low flow showerhead. Very easy to install!”

- Speakman Enthusiast Tracy

“Great flow & pressure. You wouldn’t know it's water saving. Excellent product. Took 15 seconds to install- no tools”

- Speakman Enthusiast Anon

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“I live in the city that is notorious for low water pressure but no more. I also enjoy the various streams. The construction is solid and I'm expecting years of service.”

- Speakman Enthusiast Doug

Excellent showerhead! Living in an area with hard water, this showerhead is easy to clean, provides adjustable water flow, and the overall the eco showerhead provides an excellent shower, just as good as any non "eco" showerhead.

- Speakman Enthusiast Mr. H

“My parents have used a Speakman shower head for years so I am familiar with the quality. It was time to replace the rain shower head in my bath and thought of no other brand but Speakman. Now that the shower head is installed, I realize that for the past four to five years, I have been missing out on the great pressure and water flow. Showering is a completely newly found experience for me. This shower head has great flow and adjustable settings. Thank you, Speakman!”

- Speakman Enthusiast WWB

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