Speakman SFC-8790 Low Arc Sensor Faucet and Soap Combination

  • 4" centerset durable brass construction faucet
  • 60 second time out feature for faucet
  • Low 0.5 GPM faucet flow rate
  • Thermostatic mixing valves available for tepid water
  • Set-up for both battery (4-D batteries) and AC operation (AC adapter included)
  • Large Capacity Refillable, 2000ml soap bottle included can be used with both liquid and foaming hand soap

Design Files
Speakman Sensorflo maximizes hygiene at the sink. Combining the convenience of soap and water into an all-in-one solution. No more mounting a separate soap dispenser and faucet. This combination unit offers a durable fixture with our customers needs in mind. Featuring a solid, lead-free brass construction, it is not only sturdy but conforms to drinking standards. The sensors incorporate advanced laser technology, emitting a non-visible beam of light for instant on and off operation. Speakman Sensor Faucet and Soap System is ideal high-traffic restrooms and environments where durability and performance matter most.

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