Return Policy


1. By phone or email, all returns or exchanges must be requested through PPG Customer Service (or the SPO group for SPO items) All materials must be returned to PPG within 30 days of Return Goods Authorization creation.

2. The Return Goods Authorization number should be clearly visible on the return packaging to assure it is properly identified upon receipt at PPG. Items returned without notification, or a Return Goods Authorization number will not be eligible for a refund or exchange and may be rejected upon receipt.

3. Returns eligible for credit within 30 days of invoice date based on the following conditions:

a. Product to be packaged and shipped back to PPG safely and intact (or directly to the vendor for SPO material)
b. New condition, suitable for resale in its undamaged original packaging
c. It contains all original parts and has not been used, installed, modified, or damaged.
d. Special or custom order products are non-refundable (unless authorized by vendor)

4. No refunds or credit for non-defective merchandise returned after 90 days from the date of invoice unless an established contract is in place.

5. No credit will be issued for material that:

a. Product not sold to the customer by PPG or its affiliated companies.
b. Product returned used, or unused but not in good, sellable condition.
c. Product returned without a Return Goods Authorization number.
d. Exceeds warranty period.
e. Product is a special or custom order.


1. No Restocking Fees on returns made within 30 days of invoice date:

a. Material is defective.
b. Material is not usable in the expected application.
c. Shipment Error – identified by the customer and returned in new/unused condition and in original packaging.
d. Inventory rebalancing (stock room inventory) by PPG representative with material and packaging in reusable condition (e.g.: Pro-IP, TiM customers)

2. Orders may be subject to Restocking Fees*

1) Material returned after 30 days of invoice date and not defective.
2) Not returned in the original packaging or has secondary, non-PPG markings (e.g.: labels, price tags)
3) Surplus job returns (after 30 days) will be evaluated on an individual basis after Buyer has contacted the seller’s authorized representative for prior approval in writing. 4) PPG is not responsible for return shipping for non-defective returned products subject to restocking fees.

3) Restocking Charges

1. A restocking charge will be assessed on all returns.

**Note: Contact Customer Service to confirm restock fee assessment
a. 0-30 days - 0%
b. 31 to 90 days - 25%
c. Over 90 days - Sales SLT (Sr Leadership Team) approval only, except where contracts are established.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Drop Ship Returns:

1. Special orders and OEM returns vary by vendor and are subject to OEM restocking charges.
2. As such, the charges in Section 3) are minimum and may be higher if the OEM charges more.

Immediate Credit:

A customer may receive immediate credit for a Return Goods Authorization under the following conditions:

1. Return credit amount of < $75, with Customer Service verification of purchase conditions along with:

(a) Field destroying confirmation of non-defective material once approved by Customer Service
(b) Typically, require the return of all defective material for evaluation, regardless of credit amount.
(c) If the known Quality issue and >$75, discretion can be used to allow credit without product return.

2. Return with a credit amount < $250 for Pro-IP Members (Gold, Platinum only) with Customer Service verification of purchase conditions.

(a) Immediate credit is subject to adjustment contingent on physical returns per the terms and conditions of the Pro-IP Instant Credit Program

PPG Representative Support:

1. A PPG rep may pick up a completed Return Goods Authorization to drop off at a UPS shipping location if the customer requires this service. (PPG will no longer schedule pick-ups at customer locations)
2. A PPG rep may initiate the Return Goods Authorization process if the customer requires this service.
3. A PPG rep cannot directly accept returns from the customer with the intent of an inventory transfer.
4. All product returns shall have a completed Return Goods Authorization.

NOTE: Each Return Goods Authorization requires separate return packaging and documentation. Comingling of Return Goods Authorization product and documentation may lead to delays and could negate credit.

Returns Processing:

All returns* are to be shipped to:
51 Lacrue Ave
Glen Mills, PA, 19342

Returns will be processed under FIFO priority upon complete contents and documentation receipt.

1. Product credit returns will be processed within five (5) business days from receipt in PA*.
2. Defective product returns will be processed with subsequent failure verification testing targeted for fifteen (15) business days from receipt.

(*exception: SPO material returns)

Shortage or Damage Claims:

All claims for shortages or shipment damage requests must be made within 21 days of delivery.
After 21 days, all claims will be considered null and void.

Obsolete Item Returns:

All returns are subject to PPG’s return policy. No material may be returned without our written permission and return material authorization (RMA) number. Any items with a purchase date older than one year will not be allowed for return. We will accept cataloged and resalable items only. No returns will be allowed for open or damaged boxes; items outside of original packaging; or discontinued, damaged, custom, or non-cataloged merchandise. Any material that is authorized to be returned will be subject to a minimum 25% restocking fee. Minimum return $250 net invoice value.