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Shower & Bath Catalog

The bathroom is where each and every day begins or ends. And we believe it should be special. For nearly a century, we’ve designed and engineered bathroom fixtures that exist to make any stay feel like an escape.

Our Shower & Bath Catalog includes every item necessary to design a harmonized bathroom you'll completely fall in love with.



Emergency Catalog

Installing emergency equipment is a requirement. An obligation. A necessary action to ensure compliancy. But that’s not how we see emergency equipment. With our emergency equipment, we’ve designed our fixture to solve a problem, to serve a purpose, to provide the ultimate level of relief.

Our Emergency Catalog features a substantial assortment of equipment, specifically engineered to meet your worksite’s requirements.



Commercial Catalog

Commercial plumbing is in our DNA. It’s the pulse that continues to beat throughout the halls of our campus. Before the timeless designs, curated collections and reliable emergency equipment – we built a foundation on durable, high-performing commercial fixtures.

Our Commercial Catalog represents nearly 150-years of crafting high-performing, remarkably durable plumbing fixtures.



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