For the love of water

A collective obssession to enjoy & preserve water

Our mission is to change behavior.

For close to 150 years, Speakman has set the standard for what it means to have a great shower. Many have tried to imitate (flattering!), but our innovation for delivering water holds no bar. You could say we are obsessed with water. Our love affair continues with the focus on preserving this precious resource, but not at the sacrifice of your shower!

If you could still have the same powerful shower but use at least 20% less water, would you change?

But change is hard.

Water is a natural resource at risk. But it’s not just in California—our entire ecosystem is tied to our behaviors. Which means that although change is hard, it’s also necessary. So if you the apartment dweller, the homeowner, the hotel manager, the contractor were guaranteed the same shower experience, why wouldn’t you?

The Facts:


The answer lies in shower innovation.

Our team of engineers geek out about how to best deliver water. No joke. And they rose to the occasion once again when challenged to do it by using less water. We call it shower innovation. And we are set to share this innovation with the world.

In 2016, Speakman is looking to save 1 Billion gallons of water by saving 35,000 showers.


Featuring 84 individual nozzles, all it takes is a simple click of the lever mechanism to choose between full-coverage, intense and massage spray patterns.


Featuring over 50 remarkably powerful, customizable sprays - our Hotel Low Flow Shower Head is intricately engineered to deliver an undeniably satisfying shower experience.


With a solid brass construction and 48 intensely powerful sprays, our Icon Low Flow Shower Head is the definition of performance and craftsmanship.


Our most revolutionary creation to date, the Speakman Reaction features an internal, turbine-powered engine that is specifically engineered to save water without sacrificing an ounce of performance.

We recently switched all our shower heads to the Speakman Reaction. Not only am I seeing lower water and natural gas bills, but have maintained the amazing guest experience.

— Harry Jones, Head of Engineering, Hyatt Regency, Newport, Rhode Island

And the proof is in the guest experience.

It’s great to have technical data that enforces superior pressure, spray coverage and thermal retention. But we’re truly satisfied when we hear it from the source itself. From guest accolades to editorial reviews, explore what people have to say about Speakman water-saving products.

By 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will live in areas plagued by water scarcity, with two-thirds of the world’s population living in water-stressed regions.

— National Geographic

There's $$ savings on deck too.

Take your shower experience to the next level by studying up, cashing in, and learning more about the world of water savings.

So for the love of water, it's time to react.

We are so proud to work with our amazing partners, each of which shares our steadfast commitment to conservation. Shower caps off to their hard work and dedication!


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