4 Reasons to Consider a Facility Survey

Last year, we launched our Facility Survey program – a complimentary service where we send a certified representative to evaluate your entire workplace. With the Facility Survey, our mission was to help worksites become safer for employees and employers alike. Below, check out the top 5 reasons why you should...

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Tips to Making your Bathroom ADA Compliant

Since 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has prohibited discrimination against people with disabilities in employment, governmental activities, transportation, communications, public accommodations, and commercial facilities. Which means that your business, whether big or small, must make reasonable accommodations to assist people with disabilities. Beyond being the right thing to...

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3 Easy Considerations For ANSI Compliancy

Let’s face it, selecting the right emergency equipment can become incredibly confusing. In addition to design and engineering considerations, you also have to be aware of ever-changing compliance standards.

ANSI/ISEA Z358.1, universally regarded as the standard for proper selection, installation, operation and maintenance of emergency equipment, provides truly in-depth regulations for every piece of emergency equipment in existence.

But as thorough as their information is, we’ve put together some simple considerations that should be addressed whenever you’re selecting emergency equipment. We welcome you to use this as a roadmap when exploring equipment.

Location Is Key

ANSI states that emergency equipment must be installed within 10-seconds travel time from the location of a hazard. While traveling to the equipment, ANSI also states that the journey must be free of obstacles.

Construction sites in particular can be very unpredictable and enormous in size. Plus with having limited access to water, installing emergency equipment within 10-seconds travel time from a hazard can be practically impossible.

Which is why we designed the GravityFlo Portable Eyewash to be placed practically anywhere on your worksite. Featuring a unique, portable frame – GravityFlo can be table mounted, wall mounted, shelf mounted, or even placed on the back of a pickup truck.

Learn more about GravityFlo here.

GravityFlo Eyewash

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