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A Guide to Sharing a Bathroom

In an ideal world, couples everywhere would have separate bathrooms, allowing us to live in peace and harmony. However, in the real world, we're often doomed to share a bathroom with our significant others. A world in which we're forced to navigate our way through discarded clothes on the floor...

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Our Top Beer Picks This Fall

Listen, nothing against the summer, but we are so ready for fall. Crisp air, leaves changing, hoodies, sweatpants, football, football, and more football – fall is simply the best. And if you disagree on the merits of this gloriously tranquil season, I’m afraid we simply cannot be friends. But now...

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5 Ways to Deck Your Bathroom Out This Holiday

The tree is lit up. The wreath is hanging on your door. And if you’re like my dad, you have an 8-foot tall inflatable Santa driving a convertible displayed on your front lawn.

Either way, you’ve caught the holiday bug. And we salute you. We commend your determination to feverishly decorate almost every inch of your house. But what about the bathroom?

Often times, we’ve found that during the holiday season, the bathroom gets no love. And we get it, decorating the bathroom for the holidays can get pretty tacky if not done correctly. Which is why we’ve put together this list on how you can create a classy and festive bathroom this holiday season.

Holiday Candle

il_fullxfull.864495614_3qzk Via Etsy

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Destination Monday: Holiday Edition

The holidays are officially upon us. Yay. And as magical as they are, the holiday season can become incredibly stressful. The family. The traveling. The blown budgets. The hunt to find the perfect gifts. Ugh.

So we decided that for this holiday edition of Destination Monday, instead of providing a curated guide to a particular location, we wanted to create a survival guide to being home for the holidays. Here’s to a stress-free, relaxing holiday.



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4 Books to Read in the Bathtub This Fall

Temperatures are dropping. Leaves are changing. And the days are getting shorter. Fall is here and it’s in full swing. And we sort of love it. And we believe it should be enjoyed to the fullest extent.

So today, tomorrow, this week, next week – stop what you’re doing, draw a warm bath, light some candles, and relax with one of these four books. Then thank us later.

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead


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4 Tips to a Safer, Summer Tan


Warm days. Cool nights. Books by the pool. Road trips to the beach. BBQs at the park. Sleeping in. Sleeping out. Getting caught in a thunderstorm…

Summer is just the best. And for many, summer means sporting that bronze glow. But amid the rush to achieve that sun-kissed look – it’s super important to remember the merits of safe tanning.

According to, overexposure to sunlight can cause physical changes to your skin such as wrinkles, freckles, age spots and texture changes.

Check out these 4 easy tips to achieve a safe, summer tan.

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Shower

Whether you’re a home improvement extraordinaire, a DIY enthusiast, or even an unapologetic exhibitionist (we don’t judge), your outdoor shower is a place of pride. And we totally understand where that obsession comes from.

For some, an outdoor shower may serve as a functional device that washes away the most stubborn grains of sand after a day at the beach. But for others, the outdoor shower is so much more. It’s a getaway, a respite, a place where you can get creative with your design and build something beautiful.


But here’s the thing, due to its installation, nature inherently makes the outdoor shower fragile. The environment can negatively affect your fixtures in a multitude of ways. But no worries, just follow these simple steps to ensure your outdoor shower performs and ages beautifully for years to come.


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The Best Outdoor Shower Design Ideas

The beauty of an outdoor shower is that it allows you to get super creative with your design. You’re free to do and design however you want. You can create a serene environment, a rustic landscape, or even a tropical getaway.

We obsess over well designed outdoor showers. So we decided to pull together the best outdoor showers from around the world to help inspire a design of your own. Plus, regardless of the plumbing components used, every Speakman Shower Head is designed to easily install onto any shower system. Feel free to explore them here.

Rustic Tropical Shower

Photo from Houzz Photo from Houzz




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