Coming Soon: The Clodagh Collection

At Speakman, we’ve always had a desire to create plumbing fixtures that seamlessly marry form and function together. Products that not only look great, but feel great when you interact with them. The handles are fluid and comfortable when you turn them. The water is both steady and robust. The design is charming, refined and can make a statement in any bathroom.

When we partner with other artisans, we search for those who share this passion. And for us, there was no greater collaborator than Clodagh. Practicing a self-described discipline known as Life-Enhancing Minimalism, award-winning interior design Clodagh believes that good design can transform people’s lives.

Working closely with her team of artists and designers, we developed the Clodagh Collection – an assortment of classically designed faucets with a modern twist. Each faucet features a clean, minimalistic spout paired with industrial-inspired handles. These faucets were purposely crafted to be simple and uncluttered. Our goal was to create a fixture that was subtle and familiar, yet surprisingly bold.

“Speakman is proof that great design is an experience,” said Clodagh. “They are the perfect partner for our studio, as their attention to detail, performance, durability, and sustainability walks hand in hand with their sense of design.”

The entire collection will be unveiled January 1st, 2018 and be available exclusively on and Rejuvenation as part of their Yaquina Collection.


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