A Guide to Sharing a Bathroom

In an ideal world, couples everywhere would have separate bathrooms, allowing us to live in peace and harmony. However, in the real world, we're often doomed to share a bathroom with our significant others. A world in which we're forced to navigate our way through discarded clothes on the floor, makeup on the sink, and hair, unspeakable, filthy hair clogged in every pipe imaginable.

Luckily, there's a way to coexist in the bathroom. Now, we won't lie, it's not easy. But if you follow these steps below, we promise that you and your partner will find happiness in one of the happiest destinations in your home.


Schedule it out

The mornings can be stressful. If you're rushing around, traveling in and out of the bathroom, trying to get ready, vying for dominance of the sink - all-out war can break out. We suggest committing to a bathroom schedule, designating times to get ready in the morning and actually sticking to it. We promise it will make all the difference in the world.


Tackle Messes

The most frustrating aspect of sharing a bathroom is dealing with your significant other's mess. So just like scheduling time in the morning to get ready, schedule time to clean the bathroom. Put stuff away when you're done, scrub down surfaces once a week. Once you make a habit of keeping the space clean, it will feel like second nature.


Be Thoughtful

When toothpaste, toilet paper, body wash, shampoo, and other bathroom necessities run out - have the decency to replace them. There's nothing worse than heading to the bathroom to discover the item you need most is missing. We've all been there, and it sucks. Plus, it causes some serious resentment.


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